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dualtron mini electric scooter review

It raises the bar of road worthiness personal commute to a whole new level. Experience the best electric scooters in the world that are redefining transport as we know it! Dualtron X II equipped with Max 8300W BLDC Dual Hub motors, enough to take you to unbelievable speeds that exceed 68 mph. So, to help you decide whether this off-road electric scooter can fulfill your requirements and expectations, we made this Dualtron Ultra review to clear things out. This choice was made without a doubt to reflect the true "sport" side of this Dualtron: The Dualtron Mini by Minimotors also benefits from a high-quality design, as its chassis is made from a super-strong alloy of 6063 / T6 aluminum and steel. ... LG MJ1 cells this is a nice step up from the Speedway Leger or Mini 4 Pro and a great way to enter into the quality of Dualtron scooters. Another enhance security feature, the new EYE throttle disable and lock up the motor to prevent theft. Rapid: with an optional fast-charge configuration, your scooter battery can be rapidly charged. Redefining transport! From a look and feel point of view, the Dualtron Mini is an easy-to-transport scooter with its lightweight frame. DUALTRON MINI 52V/13AH ELECTRIC SCOOTER. They are the best built, most capable, and have the longest range in the market. When we tried this scooter out, we were absolutely thrilled! We’ll help you to work out whether it’s worth paying extra for a high-end version or whether you’re getting just as good a … If you have a need for speed and have found other electric scooters not feeding that hunger of adventure of yours, then the Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter will definitely pique your interest. The Dualtron Mini is a comfortable ride, decent range and reaching enjoyable speeds, the Dualtron Mini electric scooter is great for commuters that don’t want to spend too much on their first rider. Minimotors Singapore is the largest electric bike, electric scooter and carbon fiber bicycle distributor and dealer. We have looked at many electric scooters in our time and finally got our hands on the Dualtron Ultra. Let's check all the new updates on this Dualtron Storm review. Featuring all of the great technology that is included in the larger Dualtron Scooters, the Dualtron Spider has: 3,000 watt BLDC magnesium alloy motors Carbon fiber handlebars to shave off the added weight. Visit our store today to view our range of electric scooters and accessories! The column, handlebars, plate, suspension, mudguard have been redesigned to give this electric scooter its … Every aspect of the Dualtron is of the highest quality. With a range of 40km and top speed of up to 45km/h, our. The Dualtron Mini also features a newly designed lighting system and folding mechanism which … Just like the title, we are going to be covering WHAT’S NEW with Dualtron X II or Dualtron X2. That means we can finally bring you our tried and tested Dualtron Ultra review. The beast is equipped with a steering dampeners and adjustable suspension, which delivers stable and smooth ride wherever you are. Its modern sleek design, exceptional performance and list of features, sets the standard for the scooter market once again. Dualtron Mini is a new offering from MiniMotors. And with a powerful battery capacity 72V 3024Wh (LG, Li-on battery), Hence, it is the most powerful and longest distance electric scooter, up to 93 miles. Dualtron Mini, originally named Speedway Mini V, is a budget-friendly yet performant and powerful compact electric scooter. Dit is de beste presterende elektrische scooter ter wereld. Dualtron X Electric Scooter Minimotors-UK. Our Dualtron Raptor review looks at this awesome, fast, and long range electric scooter. A revolution is on the way - and Electric Scooters … We really like the great range, durable construction, and ability to control your ride with adjustable suspension, single/dual motor options, and lighting. ... 2019 - 4 min read Fork Stem Riser & Adapter Mod for Dualtron Electric Kick Scooters. Electric scooters are slowly but surely becoming a mainstream type of transportation, and off-road scooters certainly follow that trend. Our warehouses are located in western Europe. Dualtron Shop is an official Minimotors E-Shop shipping worldwide and delivering first-class customer service. This Dualtron Thunder review will look further into this scooter’s inner workings and see if it makes our list of best electric scooters. One thing we can say is that this is an awesomely fast and capable long range electric scooter. Dualtron Thunder is the latest top scooter in Dualtron series. The Dualtron Mini is our answer to the problem of living and moving around big crowded cities. And later on, we will do a comparison review of Dualtron X2 and another scooter (comment down below, to let us know which Dualtron scooter you would like us to compare it to). Electric Scooters are fun for all people big or small, young or old, fast or slow; There is a scooter out there for everyone! Read More Reviews : Dualtron Thunder Scooter Review; Best Stunt Pro Scooters Reviews; Best Fat Tire Electric Scooters 2021; And you know what the best part is? Also, with a price under 2000€, it is the most affordable Dualtron out there. Compact: This electric scooter comes with a new folding system that is far more easier and qiuck. The Dualtron Mini has arrived in the Philippines and join us as we make our first impressions with this small but terrible beast! Weight: 81 lbs. Scootera Ltd, exclusively, sells Dualtron electric scooters and represents the Minimotors Korean Factory(the manufacturer of Dualtron scooters) in the United Kingdom. Experience the best electric scooters in the world. Specs. Mosquito Electric Scooter Review; Horizon Electric Scooter Review Dualtron III.

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