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eden of the east ending explained

What if that sound isn’t his memories being removed, but rather having them restored? Hopefully we’ll see Selecaos III, VI, VII, VIII, and XII then. King of Eden is the first of two movies meant to finish the series and explain the mysteries left unanswered by the final episode, and for the most part it does it very well. He has no more money, so I suppose he has no use for the phone, but doesn’t that mean he’ll have to meet the Supporter (if he really does exist/is Mr.Outside), @V Eden of the East (Japanese: 東のエデン, Hepburn: Higashi no Eden) is a Japanese anime television series, which premiered on Fuji TV's noitaminA timeslot on April 9, 2009. So the moral of the story has to be that if we (well really THEM the people of Japan) all work together change can happen. Caleb, Charles, and Cathy don’t live extravagantly or enjoy much of their earnings; they instead earn their money for the sake of earning it. Either way, LOADS of questions are left unasnwered. Just finished watching Eden of the Easy Movie 2: Paradise Lost. Well, the movies aren’t too far off, though I still wish that they had lengthened the series instead. Because Cain’s path is already determined, the “choices” Cain makes are all part of a plan. If he’s Mr. Outisde, who knows. This use of the verb indicates that Cain again has no choice. into his head, a la The Matrix. Eden of the East: You lack the love story! Well, it was an amazing episode to say the least but the cliffhanger was a killer D: It was kind of predictable yet surprising at the same time that he became the prince because it was said in the first episode, but also I thought of it as a metaphorical statement and not a literal one. There’s no way it was just a delay in the actual memory wipe, because in the first episode his memories are completely gone immediately following those noises. iv) The NEETs uploading to eden was to show Akira’s belief that social outcasts are not worthless and will show their potential when circumstances force them. Moreover I think that the way he unified the Neets on the roof for a common purpose would be the requirement for the rest of Japan in order to save it from the individualist nature that they’ve all grown accustomed to. He doesn’t recall his connection to the ongoing missile attacks terrorizing the Japanese people. did he really wipe his memories out cold???? And the best they could think of was to shoot down the missiles. Key Idea #4: Choice in the Absence of Free Will In a sort-of retelling of the book of Genesis, Steinbeck offers a portrayal of California’s Salinas valley at the turn of the 19th/20th century. He have to request it. Same tie, same uniform, and same chin, and driving the same car. However, it seems X lives through episode 11…, Did he really wipe his memory? I guess he realize wiping his memory is pretty effective lol. But why? Caleb acknowledges his own wickedness explicitly when he proclaims that he is full of meanness. He feels that this country has a lot of smart people, but no one to play the thankless role, and although he himself doesn’t really want to do it, there’s a girl who believes in him. Hrmm remember that detective at the start how he was killed by some girl I dont recall seeing her in any of the rest of the episodes however was she a selecao? In Daniel’s prophecy of “the time of the end” beginning in Daniel 11:35, a king is pictured in the Mediterranean area who engages in a military conflict with the king of the south, the king of the north, and a military force from the east. This is a book that’s easy to love and easy to hate; it’s cyclical nature, sheer length, and heavy handedness can be off-putting for sure, but these hurdles end up contributing to the point Steinbeck tries to make with the novel. The build up has been amazing, but that leaves us with 10 episodes to conclude…, Spoilers, I love this beginning part, this is probably the best, but when she start killing humans all willy nilly…,,,,, Shingeki no Kyojin: The Final Season – 06. nice semi-finish. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), You Must, You Shall, You May: The Ending of East of Eden,, East of Eden Read-Along — Final #estellaproject | Bay State Reader's Advisory. =D. It and Eden itself are far far too powerful conceptually to not be more interwoven into the plot. i) He mind wiped himself to be “reborn”, carrying no baggage not bias into his new role as king. (Only reasons i started crying.). The end of East of Eden can literally be summed up in one word: timshel. Even I’d like to avoid it if I could. I think it could have been much better if they went for 26 eps. 2:35. And he’s not just speaking it to his son either: he’s speaking it directly to every person reading. My guess was that the taxi driver was Atou Saizou/Mr.Outside/No.12/The Supporter. “You Shall”. The NEETs come after them and prevent the elevator door from closing, but Akira then appears through the other elevator door, saves Oosugi, and pushes the NEETs out of the elevator. But he gave his phone to Saki. It’s also definitely a chill scene. East of Eden is the story of two families, the Hamilton family and the Trask family, both of whom migrate to the Salinas Valley in California. Wow… I was quite pleased with what they’ve managed to pull off and even though there are far too many lingering questions, the ending was a good one and even though I wouldn’t say I’m ecstatic, I’m at least content, and that works for me. I wonder why he got his memory wiped again… cuz it really seemed like he did. From the moment we see Aron enter the story, he is favored while Cal seems to have a shadow cast over himself. Posted 3/14/09 , edited 3/14/09 . She and Micchon want Hirasawa to examine the data that Itazu sent, but he has more immediate problems right now because of all the NEETs who have arrived. These men are not exceptionally bright nor are they skilled workers. As for the NEETs helping, I think any old person could have used fighter jets to shoot them down. Whoa, I think I missed the emmory wipe. or naughty?! I mean. And so, in cutting the series so short they have secured the vague title of “the series that could have been good”. In the finals pages, as Adam instructs Caleb that he “may,” he has no faith that Caleb might actually overcome his nature. SPOILER WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Season 1 of Ultraman. sigh, I feel your pain; having to wait for the movies too… ugh. I was wondering if you are going to blog the two movies or not? Is it something you find on the beach? For more discussion of timshel and the definition of the verb, see:, […] You Must, You Shall, You May: The Ending of East of Eden written by Alex on the blog I Might Be Wrong. So small theory…maybe he wasn’t killed because being king means he gained infinite power and money; thus not “running out” of his 10 billion, more like inheriting more? Lee has always wanted to own a bookstore, and he’s planned on opening one for many, many years. No, it doesn´t. When did it happen or when was it implied? Well, the only thing number XII did with his/her money was move Juiz to a secret location, but yeah. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It is. On her way back to the shopping mall, Saki calls Hirasawa and explains what she knows about Akira. Now that he already knows what he did and the issue of the NEETs is as resolved, more or less, there’s no reason to keep the original mental block in place. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Perhaps this also plays into the reason as to why Jesus curses a fig tree in Mark 11. Everywhere I look people are raving about it – but I just don’t get it. To recap: different versions of The Bible use a different verb when describing what God tells Cain before casting him east of Eden to the Land of Nod. Well here is what I think about the memory wipe…he knows that it would be hard becoming to prince, and in his present state of mind impossible. they will split the season like last time. It’s been shown in history that there were benevolent Monarchs but most would end up becoming corrupted while looking for absolute power. Funny. Caleb and Charles are both hard working farmers that are seemingly fueled by jealousy rather than greed — they both have chips on their shoulders that cause them to work harder and more diligently than their siblings. 11 either, but the Ep 4 flashback clearly shows the number plate too. I’ll wait for the movies, one on Careless Monday and the other one on january, Well, in spite of giving his phone away to Saki after weeping his memory, I really don’t think Akira did so to push the responsibility on her, since *first thing first* it’s simply impossible: she is not the selected messiah and can’t order around Juiz… Adam was partial to Aron for no particular or explicit reason. 9,272 10 10 gold badges 50 50 silver badges 106 106 bronze badges. Again, free will is left out of the equation because he has been told what path to follow. Report to Moderator . ( Log Out /  speculation – (and his taxi side job unnoticable to other Selecaos)…, @All those who think he restored his memories huhu. Adam suffers a stroke after hearing of Aron's death, and Cal feels overwhelmed with guilt. I could take screenshots but it just refuses to work at the moment. So the question is, what different Eden of the East, Seasons / Series / Movies are there? The choice is left up to Caleb — it’s not a premonition, and it’s not a direct order. I don’t quite see why everyone is assuming that Akira had his memory wiped at the end. eden-of-the-east. But why? But it is getting me angry!! Think about it… if his memories were wiped, why would he put the Noblesse in Saki’s pocket afterwards? Didn’t Tak lose the game because he is out of money and Japan still have problems I mean the doctor was killed because he ran out of money so why not him. They end up in the amusement park area above the mall, separated from all the NEETs, and Akira instructs the NEETs to write on the Eden of the East site their ideas for shooting down the missiles. D: Even Cain killing Abel has been part of a plan — he has no free will. “You Must”. Besides, it does not make sense. THE MIDNIGHT SKY Ending Explained _ Full Movie Breakdown, What The Credits Mean and Spoiler Review. The taxi driver must also hold some importance since the director obviously tried to put some focus on him with the extended close-up. “What if that sound isn’t his memories being removed, but rather having them restored?” It was certainly very cool to see the Bang scene with Akira “shooting” down the missiles (just like the ED papermation foreshadowed) while that song Reveal the World was playing in the background. I look forward to watching it. The first half of East of Eden follows the Trask family and its two brothers Adam and Charles. By Renaldo Matadeen Apr 21, 2019. East of Eden エデンの東 . Before the group can do anything about it though, Akira starts broadcasting a video message to the cell phones of everyone inside the mall. Human history has repeated itself, and it continues to repeat itself. You could have something there; that’s a powerful speculation. And what was with the creepy taxi cab driver that they focused on for several seconds? He did spend most of his money. If I’m not mistaken, the 12th selecao’s history states that he still had 10B yen and 5,000 yen was used to move Juiz ~_~, but i guess i’ll just have to hold on and wait for 11/28 what’s wrong with wrapping it up in 16 – 18 eps or so? Then we see in episode 11 Saki and Micchon are being transported to a safe location via a taxi driven by Mr. Outside himself. OR it could be that he requested Juiz to wipe itself/self destruct to prevent this game from continuing, seeing how dangerous the other Selecao can be… Being a computer AI I’d expect random noises coming through the phone once its gone… but then again someone’s gonna bring in the 3 rules of robotic AI but who knows its a speculation right? Ep 11…. Required fields are marked *. Not entirely sure why Akira wiped his memories a second time, but I pretty sure the reason why he slipped his phone into Saki’s pocket was to avoid regaining his memories again, (cause the phone helped him get it back the first time). The stairwell up thus becomes jam-packed with naked NEETs, so Saki and the others try to take an elevator. The description of the garden in Genesis 2:10-14 states that the water from Eden watered four important areas: Pishon, which flows into the land of Havilah; Gihon, which flows into the land of Cush; Tigris, which flows into the eastern side of Assyria; and the fourth is Euphrates. WHEN DO THEY SAY HE’S GETTING A 2ND MEMORY WIPE???? Why even leave seperate when your just going to end up in the same place. Tsuji in particular is unimpressed and thinks that Japan has already on the way to its demise. and now like them i will wait for the movie(s) to come out while gazing at the sky. “I can’t really understand the why behind the 2nd memory wipe.”. It is the scenes that come after the End Credits of Paradise lost. Instead, he goes back to... See full answer below. well at least a great episode. Chapter 1 described what God had created day by day, for six days. if what Mononobe (no.I) said about Ato Saizou is correct (and the terminal cancer based death false), Mr. Outside (or No. What was he doing in Washington in the first place, The Second movie has been green lighted so two movies will come out no matter what, Also how did Saki know everything that happened on careless monday when at the institute they didn’t tell Tak anything when she was listening to the conversation and before they got the information from pants. Let’s just hope the movies are worth the wait. Eden of the East (Higashi no eden) -- Confused by Ending. Share. By giving his phone to Saki, she might guide him to become the savior Japan needs instead of the recovery his memories. Is he actually someone important, like Mr. Outside? I can’t be arsed to point out more flaws because I am way too disappointed with this series. Him becoming King and all was like oh shit that’s cool, but dam that means no more money, death or judgment now.but did he really erase his memory, with a phone alone? :) Now I have to find ways to watch the movies as well. Change cannot happen if only 11 people are trying to push for change. I still wish they animated this as two seasons instead of one season and two movies, but I should probably just be happy that there is more. If God proclaimed “You Shall,” then Cain’s path is already determined — God knows that Cain will triumph over sin and evil. LOVe … So Ryou, Daiju, and Jintaro’s plot has been foiled, but there are still questions to answer. I don’t really think Akira needed to wipe his memory for this but he did it once before for pretty much the same reason. Once they’re able to look at the data, they realize that one of the targets is none other than where they are, Toyosu. This time, Saki extends her hand, and Akira takes it and pulls her with him. You Must, You Shall, You May: The Ending of East of Eden John Steinbeck’s East of Eden is a book that heaps allegory upon allegory, metaphor upon metaphor, and symbol upon symbol. Not that there is valid reason yet for him not to be, but everyone’s suspicions of the taxi driver’s identity to be Mr. Outside reminds me of how everyone thought the wagon driver at the end of Code Geass was Lelouch. If he keeps doing only that, everyone else’s account balances will have expired WAY before his does. To wipe his memory. . And 50 dollars says that juiz is the supporter in the next movie. I found Eden of the East to be a wonderful series which had tons of charm in the first episode, became more mystery-oriented in the middle, and ended decently even if it was a cliffhanger. Whether or not he will prevail over sin and evil is not clear, but God has given a direct order: he must try to prevail. it’s still early but i’m figuring ways to watch the movies now. Just rewatched EotE now. The NEETs give chase, and Hirasawa has to throw the laptop to Oosugi before he gets caught. v) The game may or may not have ended. And 2 movies coming. bueno sin saber mucho espero el resumen para terminar mi expectativas sobre este episodio super Omni grax! I’ve enjoyed how semi-realistic the series has been. I think that his memories were restored. The same core stories that were important at the beginning of humankind are still true today. Okay, I FINALLY read this great masterpiece and actually feel as I have the right to call it as such, but the ending is a tad confusing to me. Those two together have the potential to make someone (perhaps a king) almost clairvoyant. Akira is still going to be subjected to the way everyone treats him; if they all knew him as a kind person that cared for everyone – or atleast tried to, he will believe it and follow the path that he created as a Selecao. It’s a great story thats still realistic even tho its a bit farfetched. It isn’t heard anywhere else throughout the season. So he had has memory wiped then gave his phone to Saki. At the end of episode 10, Mononobe sees that Seleçao XII “Relocated the real Juiz to a safe location”.

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