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gray meets his father episode

During this, Simmons frees himself from his bindings and tries to grab his gun to shoot Sylar, but Luke notices this and kills Simmons. Samson is not frightened by Sylar's threat to kill and instead prepares a rabbit for taxidermy. Finally, Hiro makes a deal: to tell Sylar about his future if he saves Charlie. (@iJesseWilliams) March 16, 2017. In "Brave New World," he and Peter easily defeat Eli and save Matt's life as knocking out the Prime Eli gets rid of his clones who were about to kill Matt. I’ve had one my whole life,” her speech began. While "Nathan's" confidence in who he is is shattered (Matt reveals that "Nathan" is Sylar), Sylar uses Parkman's telepathy to bring Nathan closer to him, with intuitive aptitude forcing Nathan to throw Peter telekinetically and proceed to get closer, to understand who he is. DS Lewis in Inspector Morse, and DI Lewis in his own series. It's more accurate to say he invented the name himself in the episode "Six Months Ago" as he repaired a watch before the arrival of his first victim in his watch-repair shop. Noah, knowing how hard it is to kill Sylar, doubts Danko could do it single-handedly. Sylar explains that he could have easily killed Doyle but didn't and that not killing him and saving Emma felt good to him, showing that Sylar is truly changing and is enjoying being a hero rather than a villain. During his imprisonment, Angela Petrelli claims that she is his mother and attempts to rehabilitate him. Peter is initially skeptical, but Sylar's willingness to change combined with experience with the future Sylar convinces him; Peter's description of the future Gabriel Gray also gives Sylar hope that he can be redeemed. Losing control, Sylar transforms back into Nathan, who flees the building to protect his family. Gretchen is the woman who was Walt's lab partner when he was studyi… Remembering Suresh's list, Sylar makes his way to Zane Taylor, and by posing as the person Zane was expecting, Mohinder Suresh, he kills him and obtains his power. Soon after, Hiro arrives and impales Sylar through the stomach as the comic predicts, terribly wounding him. After locking everyone inside and killing the Primatech staff, he tells them over the PA system that he will turn them all into monsters as they try to hunt him. His eyes are black and, like his son's, so is his hair, which is kept short and styled into a number of spiky strands pointing backwards with some prominent spikes topping his forehead; his thin sideburns reach down to the stubble covering the majority of his chin. Drew said, “I love these folks a lot! Episodes 1-25 of Season 3 pack a lot of punch, though the whole season isn't as compelling as the first two. Despite possessing this ability, he has returned to killing to obtain new powers, though he later uses this method to obtain James Martin's shapeshifting ability,[12] Nathan Petrelli's ability to fly, and also Lydia's empathy. With Christopher Meloni, Mariska Hargitay, Richard Belzer, Ice-T. Benson and Stabler discover that an accused campus rapist may have used a drug to make his girlfriend have an abortion without her knowledge. After framing Danko for the murder of an agent, he takes on Nathan's form and goes to meet the President with Claire in tow. In a rage exacerbated by Luke's revelation that Sylar's father was indeed a bad individual, Sylar pins him to the diner wall, but drops him and tells Luke to go home. Peter finally accepts this fact and afterwards the two are easily able to break a hole in the wall, which frees them from their mental prison. Matt then attempts to seal up Sylar within the walls of his basement. After experimenting on Sylar to create a new list of people with special powers and attempting to kill him, Mohinder is captured. He hungry for revenge and a part of the dark guild Tartaros and wanted to kill Gray. Here, Sylar's killer instinct begins to take hold, but Sylar stops himself just in time for Edgar to cut the man into pieces. Sylar then seems to remember the area in which the two are in, and they reach an abandoned diner. Here are the biggest reveals from Season 4 Episode 6. He confronts Angela, and finds out that she was only using him for his monstrous qualities. The carnival is hidden from Sylar's pursuers, and Samuel assures him he is safe in his new "home". Sylar is overwhelmed by this development, as he no longer has to kill to satisfy his hunger. To test this theory, Arthur places Sylar in a dark room with Elle, who is restrained to the floor and still suffers from her uncontrolled ability. Instead, Matt traps Sylar and his powers deep within the confines of his mind, "somewhere you'll never find them," and he is left alone to live out his worst nightmare: Being all alone. "Grey's Anatomy" Season 3 gives us an exciting mid-season crisis—the ferry boat accident—and character deaths. As Wendy and Gray start to eat with them, Erza arrives, wanting to know what exactly happened to the village. Wanting to prove he is not just a killer, to both himself and Bennet, Sylar saves Bennet from Jesse and Knox, two of the escaped villains. Fearing the worst, Peter heads into the tent to find Sylar admiring his new "masterpiece": a dazed Doyle trussed up like a puppet, clad in giant light-bulbs. With Brint, Adam says that his father told him his real name was Paul Delmonte that that Adam Farmer was a fabrication. [9][10] Sylar's empathic mimicry, which Arthur says he has had all along, is also present. Juvia holds Gray close as he cries for his father Silver. This was seen with Mohinder Suresh, when Sylar tried to impersonate Zane Taylor, and also with Claire Bennet's mother when Sylar was looking for Claire, as well. After being rejected by Suresh because the test results are indeterminate, Gabriel contacts another person on Suresh's list, Brian Davis. Goodbye.”. After Sylar acquires enhanced hearing from a woman named Dale, Mohinder discovers Sylar's identity and manages to incapacitate him with drugs. Sylar states that he is finishing what he came to do, taking the stuffed rabbit. According to a news clipping on Sylar's wall, a " Paul E. Sylar" was born on June 11, 1962. After teaching Maya to control her powers, he convinces her that her brother hates her and that in her heart she wanted to see his wife dead. During another conversation, Sylar appears pained whenever Parkman drinks alcohol, giving Parkman the idea to drink into a stupor. I figure when you’re having a kid, you’re making a promise, and I don’t like to break promises. Against her wishes, Elle helps Noah manipulate him to kill again by introducing Gabriel to Trevor Zeitlan, a young man who can kinetically shatter objects by "shooting" at them with his thumb and forefinger. His father, unbeknownst to him, saw him, and later Adam spied on his parents as they discuss Adam's growing suspicions. Once revived, Matt is surprised to see Nathan and Peter, as is Sylar. He then goes to Matt Parkman and asks him to take away all his powers away. In response, Sylar threatens to murder innocent civilians if Parkman doesn't cooperate. You took us both in. Grey's Anatomy 13x16 Season 13 Episode 16 “Who Is He (And What Is He to You)?” Jackson & Father Talk (Continuation) He did not try to contact Meredith during the time of their 20-year estrangement. He removes the metal shard in the back of the corpse's head, telling the surrounding soldiers that when Sylar was stabbed with a glass shard before, it melted in the Primatech fire allowing him to regenerate. I'm a hero." Samuel also notices that Sylar's memories are not his (in fact, Nathan Petrelli's). 400 years ago, Natsu was born as the younger brother of Zeref, and they lived peacefully in a small village with their parents.

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