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body parts names

The main body parts of the human respiratory system are: Through the coordinated functioning of these parts, the body is able to inhale air, extract oxygen from the air, remove carbon dioxide from the blood and expel gaseous waste. Want to know more? Eyes 7. The human body has many secrets, and it does not divulge them to anyone, except those who have learned to wait.” — Paul Auster. elbow . 1. 44.  eyebrow;; 45.  eyelid; 46.  eyelashes; Female Reproductive System Images And Photos 12 photos of the "Female Reproductive System Images And Photos" female reproductive system images and photos, Reproductive, female reproductive system images and photos The vascular system is the single largest system in the body by length. Heart 9. Brain 5. flags of the … The video begins with a lesson in which the names and function of various human body parts are explained through animation. The main organ systems of the human body are the respiratory system, the vascular system, the skeletal system, and the digestive system. Stomach 20. - Acheter ce vecteur libre de droit et … 28. spine/ backbone  29. hip-bone  30. pelvis Look at the names of the body parts that are related to the arms. 15. buttocks; 16. hip; 17. leg; 18. thigh; 19. knee; 20. calf; The following is a list of parts of the body in Māori with their translation in English. So that we attempted to find some good car exterior body parts diagram picture for … In addition to the physical external parts, the human body can also be divided by organ system and the parts that compose those systems. [ Suggest Names for this page ] FEMALE NAMES: AIDEEN: Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Étaín, meaning "face." human body parts list. Internal Parts of the Body. A fun application for children to recognise body parts, their names, their names pronunciation and their spellings. 49.  ankle; 50.  heel; 51.  instep; 52.  ball; foot . listening tests. Pituitary 17. Either individually (at the whiteboard) or all at once (on their own pieces of paper), the students must draw the wacky monster that you describe for them: three heads, nine eyes, two mouths, long purple hair, etc. multiplication table. 6. 31. kneecap. Raybuck’s expert sales representatives will … daily routines … - Lawless French Feel free to leave a comment if you find any errors or if you have any suggestions to make to improve this lesson. Except for some parts of the face, the limbs, the hands in feet, in particular, contain the most nerve endings are so are specialized to sense touch. 57. little toe; 58. big toe; 59. toenail, toe, ball, sole, instep, arch, heel, big toe, bridge, toenail, little toe, ankle, Ankle, Aorta, Back, Backwards, Bite, Blue+Eyes, Body, Body Parts, Bone, Brain, Brown Eyes, Butt, Calf, Calves, Cartoon Eyes, Cerebellum, Cheek, Cheeks, Chin, Dimples, Ear, Earache, Ealobe, Ears, Elbow, Eye, Eyebrow, Eyelash, Eyelid, Eyes, Finger, Fingernails, Fingers Crossed, Fist, Foot, Footprints, Forehead,  Green Eyes, Hand, Head, Heel, Heels, Hip, Human Heart, Inferior Vena Cava, Jaw, Kidney, Kidneys, Kiss, Knee, Lap, Legs, Lips, Liver, Lungs, Mouth, Muscle, Mustache, Neck, Nose, Okay, Palm, Pituitary Gland, Pregnancy, Pulmonary Artery, Raise Hand, Ribs, Rub Tummy, Shadow, Shoulder, Skeleton, Skull, Smile, Spine, Spine, Stomach, Superior Vena Cava, Taste, Teeth, Tip Toe, Toes, Tongue, Tongue on side, Tongue on side, Tongue Out, Tongue Up, Tonsils, Tooth, arm                                                          body, back                                                                   bottom, chin                                                                       chest, ear                                                                               elbow, eyes                                                                                          hand, fingers                                                                             feet, head                                                                                           knees, leg                                                                       mouth, nose                                                                                     shoulders, stomach                                                                                               toes, Body Parts Pictures for Classroom and Therapy, El cuerpo humano en diccionario de imágenes, What is an Adverb | List of Adverbs | Adverb List, Musical Instruments Names with Names and Pictures, Tools Names - List of Tools, Names of Tools with Picture, Parts of the Body, Human body parts: Name and Pictures, Kitchen Pictures and List of Kitchen Utensils with Picture and Names, Types of Houses and Homes with names and pictures, Vocabulary list by Opposites (or Antonyms), THE CALENDAR: Year, Months, Seasons, Time. Here is a list of the main internal organs of the human body. lungs - when you breathe, the air goes into your lungs. The respiratory system is the main mechanism by which the body replenishes its oxygen supplies and removes waste products from cellular respiration such as carbon dioxide. ankle, heel, foot, toe, wrist, thumb, hand, finger. finger . Over time some of these bones will fuse together putting the grand total of bones in the adult skeletal system at 206. world map. Click on the following link for the Online English dictionary - English lesson. 鼻子 bízi – nose. Body Part Names Names that mean eye, eyelashes, face, foot, hand, head, heart, mouth, nose, shoulder, teeth, etc., and other body-related names. shoulder . 7.  upper arm; 8.  elbow; 9.  forearm; 10.  armpit; 11.  back; (index) finger; 47. middle finger Vocabulary: Body parts 2. The main function of the respiratory system is to facilitate the intake and removal of gaseous materials from the body. BONE – Any of the pieces of hard, whitish tissue making up the human skeleton. Human body parts To download and print this free English vocabulary list, click here. Parathyroids 16. Inner Body Parts With Their Names. They are like little tubes. 眼睛 yǎnjīng – eye. “The human body is strange and flawed and unpredictable. 12. cornea. The cell body is the part with the nucleus in it. Knowing the parts of the body can come in handy when playing sports, clothes shopping, seeing the doctor, and more. The main function of the torso is to provide shape and structure to the human body and to house its vital internal organs such as the heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, liver, and kidneys. 嘴 zuǐ – mouth. veins - these transport blood through your body. This common condition has no shortage of other names: boss toe, Morton’s foot, Morton’s syndrome, Greek foot, “Royal toe”, “Turkey toe”, “Sheppard’s toe”, “LaMay toe”, “Viking toe”, long toe and a real doozy, “hallicusbradymetatarsalgia”. For a full list of the vocabulary for this game and other teaching materials to match this body parts game, check out the links below: body parts flashcards. multiplication table. Learning about our own body parts and its functions forms an important introductory science lesson for kids. The video shows various parts of the human body and shows the English word for each body … The objective of this lesson is to introduce kids to human body and its functions. Parts of the Body is a great package to learn human body parts for little toddlers. Lung 13. Index. 36. hip; 37. bullocks; 38. leg  39. thigh; 40. knee; In man it is vestigial arm brachium brachial (in man) either of the upper limbs from the shoulder to the wrist armpit axilla axillary the small depression beneath the arm where it joins the shoulder artery-arterial any of the tubular thick-walled muscular vessels that convey oxygenated blood from the heart to various parts of the body back-dorsal the posterior part of the human body… Body Parts Here is a list of articles containing nicknames for body parts. Want more Science Trends? The limbs are attached to the torso and their primary purpose is to interact with the environment via locomotion with the legs and manipulating objects with the arms. 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