Dynavent Turbine Ventilators

Dynavent Turbine Ventilators (Wind Driven) operates under the natural horizontal & vertical wind produced by the air convection caused due to the difference between indoor and outdoor air pressure. Due to its light weight, the vanes function even under the push of a slight wind. The turbine head produces centrifugal force when it rotates, and this force ejects the zone that is formed below the ventilator. The turbine head keeps on rotating 150/200/250/300/500/600/680/800/900.

turbine ventilators

We produce high quality Fluocarbon Polyester Aluminium Alloy ventilator and 304/2B Stainless Steel ventilator, meeting the needs of domestic and overseas market. Turbine ventilators do not consume any electricity, and comply with national energy-saving and environmental protection policy. These ventilators are noiseless, have high performance efficiency, high self-cleaning ability, are water proof and have anti dew properties.

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Principle of Natural Exhaust

principle_of_natural_exhaustDue to the high quality original materials used, Dynavent turbine ventilators can be used on the roofs of industrial workshops, warehouses and other buildings where humidity, corrosion, heat, contaminated air, fumes and dust prevails. Thanks to its superior ability of ventilating, Dynavent turbine ventilators makes an ideal choice for all industrial and civil buildings. They promote a fresh working condition by effective air circulation inside the building.
Dynavent turbine ventilators are fluorine carbon polyester coated aluminium alloy ventilators. These ventilators are much lighter than ventilators made from other materials.

The base material used is 3005# Aluminium alloy with a coating of 20pm fluorine carbon polyester on it. This material lowers the pressure on the bearing of the ventilator head and increases the revolving sensitivity of the axial bearings.

Features of Dynavent Turbine Ventilators

  1. Light weight and high sensitivity
  2. Greater venting efficiency
  3. Superior anti-corossion properties
  4. Water proof and weather resistant
  5. Smooth surface with uniform color
  6. Long service life and easy to maintain

For more information on Dynavent Turbine Ventilators, Please Download Catalogue Here!