Twin - inline belt driven fan (duty & standby)


General Description

The fan of the TW-D/T series are particularly designed for installation where it is mandatory to guarantee an uninterrupted air exhaust even in case of failure.

The units are provided with duty and stand-by fan which automatically starts in case of breakdown.

Duty and stand-by fans can be manually exchanged with a dedicated control logic, available in different versions (Auto changeover Panel).

Airflow range – 3,400 to 50,000 CMH.



  • Pantry/kitchen room exhaust.
  • Toilet exhaust small/large size.
  • Utility room.
  • Any field of  uninterrupted ventilation needs.
  • Maximum temperature 50°C.



  • The twin units TW – D/T use a common outlet, with a system of gravity shutters that prevents the air recycling through “stand-by” fan.
  • Each fan is supplied with a flow sensor switch, in a case of failure of the duty fan, gives information to the changeover panel will automatically alternate the working cycle of the fans.
  • TW-D/T frame is with profile and panels in PPGL sheet.
  • Lined with technopolymer class I.
  • Inlet and outlet coaxial suitable for being ducted either in exhaust or supply.
  • Double inlet belt drive fan with asynchronous three-phase, class F motor.


  • Asynchronous three-phase motors according to international standards IEC 60034, IEC 60072, IP 55, class F, (continuous working at constant load), suitable to S1 service.

Upon request

  • Version with double skin panels of 20/50 mm thickness (only possible in with extruded Al Profile construction).
  • Different discharge orientation.
  • Customized Cabinet Size.
  • Weather Protection Guard (canopy).
  • Safety protection guard.
  • Revit models for BIM.


  • Controller -AC-02/04.
  • Floor mounted leg.
  • Ceiling mounted bracket.

  • Intertek
  • applus
  • ul
  • amca
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