Ecology Unit – Dynair Ecology Unit – Pollution Control Unit


Kitchen effluent like grease, heat, smoke, odor, grease-laden vapors, particulate matter etc. are very common in any commercial cooking operations and removing them from air stream efficiently is a challenge to the industry.

With Dynair ETL listed Ecology Unit, tested as per standard UL 710, it can be assured that the DEV units will withstand harsh operating conditions and will remove all the exhaust containments in efficient manner without compromising the comfort level of the occupants.



ETL Listed as per Std. UL710





Assured performance in accordance with UL 710

Ecology units are tested as per UL 710 with highest safety standard for commercial kitchen exhaust systems.

Key features given below, are to validate safe operation of any kitchen ventilation without encoring any unnecessary hazards from low to high duty cooking cycle with best grease trapping efficiency:

  • Section 34 – Temperature test
  • Section 35 – Cooking smoke & flare-up test
  • Section 36 – Abnormal flare-up test
  • Section 37 – Fan-failure test
  • Section 38 – Fire test
  • Section 45 – Over voltage & under voltage operation test
  • Section 46 – Dielectric voltage withstand test

State of the art selection software

  • Smart & intelligent selection to meet customer’s requirements.
  • Complete customization from 1500 to 40,000 Cfm.
  • Single and double pass feature to enhance the grease trapping efficiency.
  • Complete technical data sheet with automated internal pressure drop calculation.
  • Complete 2D-3D view of internal & external components.
  • Complete commercial proposal for projects.


  • Commercial Kitchen.
  • Hotel, Restaurant & Pantry.
  • Food court.
  • Any kitchen effluent control.

Accessories & other optional features

  • Fully integrated control/status panel.
  • Manual and Auto wash ESP.
  • UL listed damper (fusible link).
  • Weather proof canopy.
  • UVC filtration for heavy duty kitchen.
  • Odor neutralizer.
  • Rivet models for BIM.   

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  • applus
  • ul
  • amca
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