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Maico Gulf LLC is a sister concern company of Maico Italia S.p.A and part of the Maico Holding from Germany and Hira Holding from UAE. The company was established in Jebel Ali Free Zone in 2005 and was responsible for the IMEA operation.

In 2009, company operations moved to Al Ghail Industrial Park RAK. Products like Dynair ETL Classified/ listed pollution control unit, AMCA certified direct and belt driven ventilation fans, UL listed/local CD approved high temperature axial/centrifugal fans in accordance with EN 12101-3 (F300-400) and NSHEV in accordance with EN 12101-2 (B300) are being manufactured in this factory.

In 2014, the plant was extended to include a state-of-the-art laboratory to conduct air and sound tests on air movement equipment according to the AMCA 210 and 300 standards. The laboratory received its AMCA Accreditation in Jan 2016 and is amongst the first lab in the Middle East to achieve this coveted feat.

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The Maico Gulf Laboratory is the first of its kind in the Middle East and one of the few in Asia that has been accredited by AMCA USA to test fans in accordance with AMCA International test standards. The state of art lab facilities provides means to conduct air and sound performance testing in accordance with AMCA standard 210 for air performance and standard 300 for reverberant room method for sound testing. The lab provides a wide range of services to our customers like Factory acceptance test for both air and sound with and without witness, lab visit, etc. The lab also provides the opportunity for rigorous & ongoing R&D testing designed to continually enhance and improve all our product lines.

AMCA Accredited laboratory ‘Airflow Test: Lab air test gives air performance (flow and static pressure) and power curves with respect to fan flow conditions. The lab is capable of testing airflows ranging from 650 CMH to 144000 CMH. The lab is fully equipped to test both Axial and Centrifugal fans as well other air moving devices at variable speeds and different frequency 50Hz and 60Hz.

*Sound Test: Specially designed reverberant room of lab is capable of measuring precise fan sound pressure levels in different frequency bands in Full Octave bands starting from 63 Hz to 10000 Hz.



DYNAIR VA-HT F400 Rating

VA-HT Fan before the test: DYNAIR has included vane-axial (VA-HT) product to its high temperature (HT) range of axial fan offering. The first kind of guide vane housing for DYNAIR has been completely developed by the in-house R&D team using cutting edge CAE tools. VA-HT 400-1600 fan range is tested and certified for smoke operations of F400 / 2 hours as per EN12101-3:2015 The impeller/rotating region is a second generation TA-HT fan staged with stationary/vane component in the downstream. The vane structure is constructed to support the motor housing of the direct driven fan. VA-HT Fan after the test: VA-HT range realizes an increase in the total efficiency of 3-15%,…

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DYNAIR Roof fan range- FCS / FCVS certified as per UL-705.

DYNAIR product range of roof fan with up blast & down blast configuration variants are tested in accordance with UL-705 standard and certified in ZACT: Power Ventilators category. The complete range of FCS / FCVS 240-1000 in both direct and belt driven variants are certified for power ratings of 380-415V; 50 / 60 hz in file no. E356822 Rigorous indoor & outdoor (rain water) tests are carried out both in internal (ISO-17025) and external UL laboratories. MGU factory with previousUL certification was able to carry out major parts of tests in ISO 17025 / AMCA accredited laboratory. All new roof fan orders shall have product safety certification UL logo (Power Ventilators),…

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