Why Ecology Units are Essential in a Kitchen Ventilation System?

Posted by Maico Gulf, 17-Feb-2022

Did you know that your HVAC system has an impact on your indoor air quality and retains numerous kitchen effluents such as grease, smoke, and so on? Grease, heat, smoke, odor, grease-laden vapors, particulate matter, and other kitchen effluents have grown all too frequent in commercial kitchens and eliminating them from the air stream efficiently has become a challenge for the industry.

An exhaust fan alone will not provide complete kitchen ventilation or keep effluents out of your kitchen. Cooking effluents are frequently observed to contain grease particles and smoke. They also emit a foul odor, making it uncomfortable for the chef and others around. The most efficient approach to address commercial kitchens effluents with fresh and healthy air is by using Ecology Units.

Are you aware of the significance of Ecology Units in Commercial Kitchens?

Commercial kitchens serving hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and the food sector as a whole benefit from Ecology Units. It is vital to examine the effects when kitchens are operated at heavy duty processes like long hours of frying and grilling, more kitchen effluents are produced, necessitating the installation of an efficient and high-performance Ecology Unit. Ecology Units not only aid with duct cleaning, exhaust fan maintenance, and building façade cleaning, but they also help with grease and odor emissions.

Why install an Ecology Unit?

Ecology Units not only assist to protect the environment, but they also protect occupants and other systems from fire hazards at the exhaust ducts. Ecology Units are the best eco-friendly technique of lowering air pollution from kitchen exhaust systems since they are low-maintenance, trustworthy, and economical.

Maico’s Dynair Ecology Units are ETL listed under UL 710 Standards which is the highest safety standard for commercial kitchen exhaust system. Hence, you can be confident that Dynair Ecology Units will survive hard operating circumstances and efficiently remove all exhaust containments without affecting occupant comfort. The Dynair Ecology Units from Maico is the solution to all your troubles, since it keeps your kitchen ventilated and free of effluents, as well as keeping your ducting cleaner and safe.

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