Dynair Energy Recovery Ventilators



Indoor air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air as it consist of VOC’s, Airborne Virus, Carbon dioxide, Formaldehydes, Odor etc. These containments must be removed from air to avoid sick building syndrome and to maintain the Indoor air quality (IAQ).

Dynair Energy recovery ventilator (DRV’s) comes with Eurovent and AHRI certified heat exchanger to introduce fresh air inside the building in accordance with ASHRAE/ANSI standard 62.1-210, without compromising much on building air conditioning load.

Effective management of Indoor and outdoor air with plate heat exchanger (Zero cross contamination) or with total heat recovery wheel.


Key features

  • Airflow range from 300 to 3000 CMH.
  • Construction in accordance with EN 1886.
  • Eurovent /AHRI certified heat exchanger (PHE/HRW).
  • Best energy/sound management with EC plenum fans.
  • Module designed with height as low as 600 mm.  



  • Penta post design, suitable for indoor and outdoor application.
  • Thermal break system to control condensation.
  • Double skin with PUF/Rock wool insulation for enhanced sound and ΔT management.
  • Lift off door for easy access to filter and fan section.

Accessories & Optional Features

  • Enhanced energy management with electronic controller.
  • Weatherproof canopy.
  • Fresh air/return dampers.
  • Revit models for BIM.
  • Ceiling and floor mounted units.
  • STL with low pressure drop.


  • Residential (Apartments, complexes, home luxury villas).
  • Swimming pool Area.
  • Locker Room.
  • Animal House.
  • Theatres.

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