Centrifugal induction fans for car park ventilation



Centrifugal induction fans designed and suitable for installation in underground car parks and/or tunnels, especially designed and certified for fire smoke and hot gases extraction in case of fire. CC-JC HT are “dual purpose” fans, i.e. they can provide both normal ventilation (carbon monoxide removal) and smoke extract in case of fire.

The series is suitable for continuous running at the temperature of +50°C and is CE certified to F300 class, in compliance with Standard EN12101-3 and guaranteed to operate at 300°C for 2 hours, 400°C for 2 hours by the independent notified body Applus.

The special impulse and induction fans technology represents the most innovative and cost-effective alternative to traditional duct mechanical extraction systems: the drastic reduction of installation costs (complete removal of ducted and grilled systems) and the considerable running cost savings ensured by the system distinctive features (ventilation / extraction can be partial and only if necessary) are only two of the multiple benefits of car park ventilation systems based on CC-JC/D fans.


EN12101-3:2015 F300/F400



  • Car park ventilation
  • Fire smoke extraction in case of emergency
  • Hot gases extraction
  • Underground air extraction
  • Tunnel ventilation


  • Hub impeller and airfoil profile blades made in steel sheet. Balanced according to ISO 1940.
  • Housing in steel sheet protected against atmospheric agent HDG.
  • Protection guard on inlet side.
  • Fixing brackets in HDG steel sheet for ceiling/wall installation supplied pre-assembled.
  • External terminal box resistant to high temperature.

Upon Request

  • Service switch mounted, suitable for high temperature.
  • Epoxy paint
  • CFD analysis
  • Revit model


Asynchronous three phase Motor according to IEC standard, IP 55, IE 2 (only single speed motors) CL H, F400 certified according to the European directive EN 12101-3.

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