Twin fan controller

AC – 02/04


Twin fan controller model AC-02/04 is designed using microcontroller technology & capable to operate two fans as per the programmed time sequence. This controller has an in-built diagnostic and controlling function.

Advanced Features

  • User-friendly programming steps.
  • Controller can be configured to either Auto or Manual mode
  • Auto Mode is further divided into Air sense mode, Current sense mode or Air-current sense mode.
  • Manual mode is also divided into Air sense, Current sense mode or Air-current sense mode.
  • Programmable cycle timer from 1 to 12 hours.
  • Seven segment display and LED indicators for better programming and fault monitoring features to enhance the user experience.
  • Building Management system (BMS) status indication through volt free relay contacts.
  • Designed to operate directly on 220V/50Hz/60Hz @ 2amps or 12 amps, single phase motor.
  • Option with 220V control voltage to connect 3 Phase motor through appropriate programming along with power module.
  • Programmable over current protection features.
  • In built Fusible link as standard features.
  • Actual size: 175 X 175 X 75 mm.
  • Weight: 820 gm.

  • Intertek
  • applus
  • ul
  • amca
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