ERV Controller



The ERV 500 series of electronic speed controllers provide an effective means of regulation for voltage controllable single-phase AC motors. It’s categorized according to the ERVs specification i.e. ERV with HRW or PHE & ERV with AC or EC motors. All controllers are electronic based and has ON/OFF switching option along with speed control. It controls the fan voltage by PWM signals to regulate the output voltage with the minimum power loss. It is very highly efficient speed regulator with the precise step regulation using a potentiometer.


Advanced Features

  • Single supply Input
  • Individual output for supply, return and HRW.
  • Separate ON/OFF switch for both the fans
  • Separate ON/OFF light indication for both the FAN
  • Built-in ABS enclosure
  • IP55 Protection
  • Water repellent
  • Shock proof enclosure body
  • Easy installation

  • Intertek
  • applus
  • ul
  • amca
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