High Temperature Centrifugal Fan



Cabinet centrifugal fan with separate motor cabin is designed for Fire resistance (outside the Fire Zone) car park exhaust fan or other applications where the drive system must be outside the air stream. The construction of BOX-THT are of pentapost design & have strong three-way aluminum joints to form a rigid Framework, Pre-painted galvanized sheet steel panel. High performance centrifugal backward/forward curved impeller manufactured in steel sheet. Tested in accordance to standard EN 12101-3 :2015 and complies with the performance criteria for 400C/2hour and certified by Applus.


EN12101-3:2015 F400

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  • Lift lobby/lift well ventilations
  • Staircase pressurization
  • Car park ventilation
  • Duct smoke extraction


  • Box-T HT Frame is with or without extruded aluminium profile and panels in PPGI sheet.
  • Double inlet centrifugal fan with forward / backward curved blades, driven by trapezoidal belts and fixed pitch pulleys.
  • Belt coupling is protected by a guard in galvanized sheet steel.


Asynchronous three-phase motors 415V 50Hz according to IEC standards. Motors suitable for DOL (Direct On-Line) and star/delta start. CE marked. Protection IP55, IE2, class F.

Accessories (Upon Request)

  • Vibration Isolators.
  • BOX-T HT with aluminium pre filter.
  • BOX-T HT with dual speed motor.
  • Revit model

  • Intertek
  • applus
  • ul
  • amca
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